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Stuck in the Mud Pottery Studio Tour

stuck in the mud pottery studio tour
In April, I moved my pottery studio from my basement to a small building .5 miles from my home in the center of our small town. I needed a space with a lot of natural light to work out of but also it needed to be large enough to offer classes. Here is what the building looked like before I moved in (top) and what it looked like after (bottom).
exterior before and after
All this space really needed was a good cleaning and lots of paint. The walls were all dark green, so the first thing I did was paint everything white. My husband made two large work tables that I covered in canvas and a third smaller table for my slab roller. I added ten white bar stools and two new Shimpo VL Lite wheels (that I love! They are so lite and quiet). I already own a Shimpo whisper and a Brent that I create my own work on. The new Shimpo wheels would be for teaching students. 
pottery studio work tables  pottery studio setup  pottery studio tools and storage 

white bar stools / bird hooks

pottery studio aprons  janelle beaulieu working in studio  artist studio aprons    
shimpo vl lite wheel / shimpo/ bird hooks

pottery studio supplies

pottery studio
When you first enter the space there is a small room directly to your right that I set up as a small storefront. I made the ladder shelf and the table is just an old door mounted on black pipe legs.
white honey pots

ladder display shelf  pottery display table  mill pond brant lake NY

white gold hanging planters