Safety Information

Air Drying Clay

Our clay kits are a fun and safe way to get creative at home without the need for a kiln. Air-dry clay in general is a great material to work with, however as with all clays, long term exposure to clay dust by inhalation can cause damage to the lungs and therefore should be avoided.

For the best experience and to minimise dust being created, we recommend you keep the clay soft and moist by adding a little water regularly while working on your creations. You should also regularly wipe down any clay covered surfaces with a wet sponge or cloth to prevent the clay from drying out too much. If the clay on your work surface does dry out completely, be sure to wet the area before wiping down and do not try to scrape, brush or blow the dried clay. This will prevent dust from being released into the surrounding area.

If you have a history of skin irritation you may find it more comfortable wearing latex gloves whilst working with the clay, or alternatively apply a suitable barrier cream before use. Clay can dry out your skin if hands are not cleaned properly after contact, so its a good idea to wash and moisturize your hands after use.

Cleaning: Keep work surfaces wet and wipe them down with a damp cloth once you are finished.. Do not scrape, brush or blow the dried clay.
Storage: Keep any unused clay wrapped in the protective plastic sheeting and re-seal inside the clay bag provided. Store in a cool place away from sources of heat and direct sunlight.

SDS Sheet


Formulated with safety in mind, our Non-Toxic Acrylic Paint contains no latex, dairy, casein, soy, egg, gluten, peanuts, or tree nuts. Made in the USA.

Cleaning: Brushes should be cleaned with water immediately after use and before the product dries.

SDS Sheet


Our sealant is safe in normal use, however as a precaution, wash splashes off skin and if product enters eyes, flood immediately with cold water. Do not take internally. If accidentally consumed, call a poison center or doctor / physician if you feel unwell. Store out of reach of children. Dispose of contents and container in accordance with all local, regional, national and international regulations.

Cleaning: Brushes should be cleaned with water immediately after use and before the product dries.
Store in a well-ventilated place. Keep cool and out of reach of children.

SDS Sheet 

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